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I know. It sounds crazy, right? But it works! When you’re rehearsing your speech turn on the TV and crank up the volume.

It sounds crazy, right?

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Förlåt, kan Can you speak more clearly? Chapters explain: > how people typically talk with one another > how adult they can learn to speak more clearly (Erber, 1993; Tye-Murray and Schum, 1994). If you want to improve your pronunciation so that you sound more like a native of words and sentences in order to help you speak more clearly and confidently.

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How to speak more clearly

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How to speak more clearly

If you tend to mumble your words and are generally apprehensive when you speak then it's time to learn how to speak more clearly! Other people will appreciate it. And you won't have to repeat everything you say several times until other people work out what you were trying to say. This vibrates the auditory nerve from your ear to the brain more directly making the signal more effective. You can lose your accent entirely. You can neutralise your accent.
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Speak more confidently so that your listeners like and trust you, and therefore believe what you are saying. As a result of putting into practice what you learn from this course, you will be able to: Thank you for your program “Speak More Clearly”. I down- loaded the audio training and you can’t imagine how much you really helped me. I am a written translator, from Arabic into English, and hope to be a simultaneous translator. To do this I must speak English clearly.

8. Warm up Here are 8 ways to reduce your accent and speak more clearly.
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